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Navid Rashid


Navid comes to Eyes of the Nile with years of experience in musical projects ranging from a Capella, to solo acoustic singer-songwriter, to a number of rock bands.  He is currently the singer/ guitarist and primary songwriter for progressive metal act Iris Divine.  After a growing interest in bands like AC/DC, Van Halen and Motley Crüe as a young teenager, Navid's full initiation into metal occurred through Iron Maiden, specifically the life-changing experience of hearing Number of the Beast for the first time.  Even as he pushes his creativity and dedication into original music projects, delivering Iron Maiden's music taps into a primal energy that reminds us about why we do this in the first place!


Influences: Bruce Dickinson, Doug Pinnick, Layne Stanley, and Steve Perry.


Seven favorite albums (in no particular order):


Live After Death - Iron Maiden

Awake - Dream Theater

Rust In Piece - Megadeth

Demanufacture - Fear Factory

Dirt/ Facelift (tie) - Alice In Chains

Vulgar Display of Power - Pantera

Chaos A.D. - Sepultura


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