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Chris DeChiara


A native of Boston, MA, Chris grew up playing in rock bands and caught the classical bug while in undergrad at UMASS Lowell. A Masters Degree in Music Performance from New England Conservatory and over 21 years later, Chris retired after as percussionist and soloist with the US Navy Band in Washington DC. He still plays with the popular cover band Dr.FU, Herr Metal, Nowhere Men, Animal Ion, local theaters, and many other classical groups in the area.

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His love for Maiden started during Number of the Beast and forced him to draw as many pictures of Eddie during homework breaks as possible. It’s a pipedream to perform classic Maiden songs at this level and get inside the great playing of Clive Burr and Nicko McBrain.


Influences: John, Paul, George, Ringo, Neil Peart, Buddy Rich


Seven favorite albums (in no particular order): 


Help! - The Beatles

White Album - The Beatles

Piece of Mind - Iron Maiden

Moving Pictures - Rush

Metalized - Sword

Beyond Hell/Above Heaven - Volbeat

Images and Words - Dream Theater

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